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Home Automation

Home automation used to be something for the Rich and famous,However times and changed and home automation is now more affordable. the system we offer is a the lightwave RF system, which is extreamly reliable and very user friendly.


This system has been designed to allow anyone to use with simplicity. This equipment can be fitted as a reto fit. The simplicity of this sytem is Truely a great way to give you full controle of your home at an affordable price


Operate your home via your Iphone/Tablet/Android

From anywhere in the world.


Manage your heating


Check your power usage


Set timers for lights and sockets


Make your house looked lived in while away on holiday


Living in the UK and have a holiday home in france then

why not turn the heater on for when you arrive  or Turn the external lights so your not greated  by Darkness.


Or even if  you have bad mobility use your device to enable to do things without having to move about to much.


Prices Start from 100€

please give us a call and let us see how we can help you.


Benifits of Home Automation

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