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Weather you have a Holiday Home or a permanate residence in France one thing is ofton on your mind and that is how safe is your house? As we all know most houses in france are rural so an alarm just does not always cut the grade as there is no one about to hear the alarm, so the best deterant is having a robust CCTV system.


We are able to suply and install a complete CCTV system to suit your budget.

Our CCTV sytems range from a basic "who is at the front door system" to a full I.P Remote access system allowing you to view and control your cameras anywhere in the world.


Please note that Remote camera systems Require Internet


Cameras can be programmed to email you when your cameras detect something untowards, fully recordable on hard drive systems and can be viewed on any PC. Full night vision lights and cameras available too.


So no matter what your requirments or price bracket there is always something that is suitable .

please give us a call and let us see how we can help you.

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