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WiFi & Home Networks

As everyone knows wired Networks are faster and more secure, We can help extend and rewire your network to allow a fast secure data transfer between your device's


All our home & office networks are installed using Connectix Cat5e cable which is a high speed top grade copper twisted pair. (This cable is used by the MOD in the uk)



Unlike the UK France is is some what behind on the home technology but France is now been pulled into the new Tec world, Having the correct infersturcure installed witin your house, will give you an endless amount of options to help your house work for you.  Enabling you to use your network to run Skype Phone lines or adding IP camera systems to help remote monitor your house from anywhere in the world.


When having a new home or Office network installed we aim to make all cables invisable to the eye, we are able to install in already decorated houses or we are happy to work on new builds and carry ou first and second fix soloutions. what ever the option your instalation will be to the highest quality.

So if you require a total network solution or just a new network port then please give us a call and let us see how we can help you


Check out some of our data Cabs after re-wire. Photos are on our Face book page on the link on the main page.

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Are you having Issues with access to the internet around the home? well we have lots of affordable options to help with your issue.


We specialis in installing internet to Holiday Let's and Gites, using the main house as the Hub. so no extra costs for two systems. At smarthome france we pride ourselfs on our systems that dont just work, they preform above expectation. the last thing you need is a wifi box that slows the whole network down. So get it right first time and give us a call for a no obligation Quote

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